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There are two shared hosting services I currently use.  First off I want to say I am recommending these sites because I have used them and been happy with their service, any kick back they give me is just a bonus.  Second I will say I have not used any other hosts in a really long time, so my comparison is limited, but these services were chosen by me after extensive research and reading lots of other peoples reviews.  The first I want to talk about is siteground.  I switched to this service when I started using wordpress.  One of the themes I purchased that had some more advanced features I was not able to install on my old hosting service.  Siteground was recommended as the best low cost hosting service for that theme.  I switch my site over to siteground and I was able to get everything working.  So far I have been very happy with their service, and the performance of my site on their servers.  They are who I would recommend if you are setting up a wordpress site and only need a basic low cost hosting plan.  Please use this link to sign up for their services (by doing so I will collect a small referral fee):

The second is Ipage.  Ipage is the original hosting service I contracted with for my old website.  It is one of the lowest cost hosting services out there, and it still comes with a load of features. It seems to work ok for hosting a basic wordpress site, but had issues with some of the advanced features I tried to use when I switched to word press. The great thing about ipage though is they are cheap, and they have weebly drag and drop builder integrated in their service.  If you are looking for a real basic webpage builder, that you can still customize and do some SEO optimization, Weebly is great. They also have a lot of other bonuses, like free advertising credits on bing, google, and facebook.  I have been very happy with their service and still use them to host some of my sites.  Click on this link to check them out or sign up (once again I do collect a referral fee if you use this link):